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Blue Mountain Mysteries

Adventurous 11-year old Isaac Villena can't wait to explore the woods around his new home in Blue Mountain, WV. But he finds more than he bargained for when he discovers that one of his new friends is secretly the Mothman!

        Second-Rounder in the 2022 Austin Film Festival Script Competition


        Semifinalist in the 2022 ScreenCraft Animation Competition

Half-Hour Animation Pilot; TV-Y7; Co-Viewing; Adventure/Comedy/Mystery

The AI Wants to Kill Us

A team of scientist troubleshoot their revolutionary new AI, which keeps proposing radical solutions to the earth's problems.

Comedic sketch; performed as a part of the Friday Night Live sketch comedy show in Fall 2021.

Super Normal - Act 1

In a world where powers and superheros are common, one normal girl thinks she could be a better hero than the flashy comic-book crusaders. If only she were given a chance...

Feature Animation; PG-13; Action/Comedy

Hitchhiker's Highway

On a long stretch of the midnight interstate, a truck driver picks up a strange hitchhiker with a conflicted story.

Student film; Suspense; Produced in 2021

Pencil Marks - Stageplay

A down-on-her luck musician reconnects with the reason she chased her dreams in the first place.

Short stageplay, selected for part of the 10-minute-play showcase in Wilmore, Kentucky

This Place is Shelter

In the aftermath of a battle, a lone robot attempts to care for the survivors.


Published in Vol. 55 of the Asbury Review Literature and Arts Magazine

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